The Best Way to Make Love According to JustAmber


Beginning Looks and Kisses

It is important that the eyes should meet first. Looking into one another’s eyes creates a bond to base the rest of the experience on. If you see concern or nervousness in each other’s eyes, this can be addressed with a gentle smile. When this initial contract is done, then you can move down working to her mouth. Observed if you can see some tenseness or trembling. If she is scared, you can reassure her now and pave the best way for a delightful experience. It will only lead to issues if you push a woman that is not yet ready. You will be greatly rewarded if you know how to take your time with her. The first stages of intimacy is being rush up by most men because they are afraid to get involve emotionally. Unluckily, ladies want to sense this from you. You have to let your girl understand that you want and need her in all aspect and not just for sex. Explore the sentiments of every touch. Don’t set a goal for the experience, don’t attempt to push borders. It will reinforce your woman. Be happy of what you get from her and soon you will be recieving more.. Make sure that she understand that being with her makes you happy, that way she will make way to make you even more happy.

After the soft smiles, you get to touch her. Hhhhhmmmmnnn, the feeling of naked flesh is making things a little bit hotter. Give her more time, even if the longing is hurting you now. Gently bring her hands to your lips, while keepin in contact with her eyes smiling seductively. Gently push your lips to the back of her hand, then turn it and press them once more to her palm. It is probably that she will have closed her eyes by now so she can slip into the world of physical sensations and not be distracted by sights of her everyday world. Gently kiss her inside forearm going to the elbow joint. Kissing longer but do not use your tongue yet. Bring her arm around her neck when you are done kissing her elbow.. Let her other arm enclose your neck. Look at her lips longingly and place your hands in her waist.Look at her lips, when you can see that it is parted slightly, then you can be assured that she is ready for more.

Kiss her cheek when you feel that she is holding back. After that kiss her chin. Take a look at her again and see if she is still holding back. One thing I find immensely exciting is when a man has me in this position and rests his forehead slightly on mine, his lips a mere inch from mine so I can feel his breath, and the warmth of his skin. I feel so hot and wet, the moment my man carefully stroke his lips with my lips. Your woman will soon beg and hungrily look for your lips to locked into hers. Let her make the choices. She should trust you completely so, never push her to do anything, just let her be. Then, finally, press your lips against hers and just hold them there. You must sense the softness of her lips against yours. Sense her reaction to your touch. If she craves your kisses, then it is time to move on.

Getting Naked

Women’s clothing are usually so complicated! Be confident in taking it off, take your time, undress her carefully with passion. When you fumble, don’t worry, just make sure it is just a little fumbling. You just have to think, that it is hard for her to unzip your jeans at her angle as well. Show eagerness by looking at what you are doing when you unbutton her blouse. As you slide it off her shoulders, kiss her again, gently, lovingly. Run your hands up and down her naked arms, enjoying her flesh as she enjoys your caresses. Caress her back, noticing if the hooks on her bra are in back. Kiss her neck, kiss her shoulder, trail your hands across her as you move around behind her. Softly kiss the spot wherein the neck and the shoulder joins. Generally when men kiss this spot, women goes weak. After you un-hook her bra and slide it off her shoulders,pause to admire her, just for a moment.

Then after adoring her naked body firmly but gently cup her breast. But for now, don’t spend too much time on her breasts and nipples. The point is to get both of you undressed.

JustAmber suggest that, you give attention to where you exactly drop her clothes, since most women are somewhat picky about it. As much as possible, do not drop them in the floor, lay them in a dresser or on top of a chair. They’ll be out of your way also.

Kiss her and give her a teasing smile as you remove your clothes. When you are done removing your upper clothes, go back to her and kiss her once more. This kiss should be long and deep. Prepare to play her mouth with your tongue. Your naked chest, pressed against her naked breast, enjoy and take the pleasure of the warmth it gives you. Enclose her to your arms so that she can feel the heat of your body but not to tight. Women don’t like to feel trapped by a man. Keep kissing while you revel in the feeling of her soft back under your hands. As you playfully kiss her, bring your hands down to her waist, caressing it softly.. Continue kissing her as you find your way to unzipping her jeans. It is much better if you can unzip her jeans without looking at it, your eyes should be locked in her eyes. Remember your goal is to unbutton the jeans and not to remove it yet.

Kiss her do not stop kissing her. Check how she feels. If she’s pressing her body hard against yours, that’s a sign to move things along. In the event that she gives you short little kisses than long deep kiss, slow down a bit. Some women will be tigers, ripping your clothes off and shoving their tongues down your throat. If this is the kind of woman you got, take pleasure in what she is giving you.

JustAmber suggest you should much her pace but allow her to be the most aggressive one. Strong women like this will let you know exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it. A hint for you, she’ll probably want it hard and fast.

Note that many women remain to be passive while being undress. If your woman isn’t trying to get her hands down your jeans, take it slow. Allow her to enjoy and take pleasure in every sensation that she feels. If she breaks the kiss off, smile into her eyes. In every move that she is making, give her an assurance that everything is alright.. Always observed her reaction when you try to pull down her jeans. If she seems accepting then kiss your way down her neck, chest, tummy. Then, pull the jeans all the way down. Take a moment to look at her. If your eyes meet, give her a smile. If you see her with closed eyes, it means you are making her happy. While kissing her down to her tummy, hold in your hands both her ass cheeks. Enjoy her scent down there and make her feel the heat of your breath. Without making it abrupt, stand up. You have to kiss her deeply and softly as you pull down your jeans.

It is now time to move to the bed, but remember, as always SLOW and GENTLE. Urge her to sit on the edge of the bed and sit next to her. In moderation with light touches continue to caress her back and shoulder. You have to play as well as cup her breast when you kiss her neck. As you continue kissing her earlobes, entwined and roll the nipple in between your fingers.. Kiss her and play with her mouth through your tongue. Give her a hard kiss, then quickly kiss her all over her face. Ease her back until she’s lying on the bed. Slowly move your body on top of her body.. Using both your hands hold her face, look at her eyes, smile at her seductively and kiss her. While kissing her from lips to her neck, you can as well caress her entire body since she is now almost naked, with only the panty on. As you move your hands to caress her legs you can now move your mouth to kiss her breasts and lick it with your tongue spending quality time with her breast.

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